The Little Red Box with the
BEST Shortbread Cookies

Inspired by fond childhood memories.

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Dirty Snowballs™ make the perfect gift for a friend or family member!       

Party Favours

We can provide you with individually wrapped Dirty Snowballs™ for your next party or event.

Large Platters

We'll bake all day if that's what it takes! Contact us about our large platters for weddings and birthdays.

Order Dirty Snowballs

Each rich red box contains 24 (2 dozen) melt-in-your-mouth cookies. All top-quality ingredients listed on label.
Our delicious, not too sweet shortbread can be requested without the semi-sweet mini chocolate chips.
Let us know in your order notes if you would like them removed.

1 Box of Dirty Snowballs

24 Delicious Cookies

2 Boxes of Dirty Snowballs

48 Delicious Cookies

Dirty Snowballs Cookie Jar

$55 – $90

Local Pickup or Shipping

If you would like to pick them up yourself, select local pickup. Shipping via Canada Post is $20 per box.

Orders Outside of Lower Mainland

Please email us at for a shipping quote if you are outside of the Lower Mainland.

Custom Orders Available

Dirty Snowballs are also available in singles, cello bagged for $1.95 each, great for corporate events! Delivered in cardboard flats.

Large platter service for weddings, birthday parties or family picnics prices starting at 50 pieces for $40.
Seven days’ notice needed for all large orders.


Squeals of your excited classmates break the silence of freshly fallen snow. Whoosh! A snowball whizzes by in the schoolyard. Splat! It strikes the cinderblock wall, round and flat, peppered with gravel. Phew! A sigh of relief as you narrowly missed being hit by a dirty snowball.

Dirty Snowballs™

The delicious holiday cookies inspired by fond childhood memories of raucous snowball fights in the gravel schoolyard of Hollyburn Elementary, are a secret family recipe made only with top quality ingredients. Pure and simple.

Dirty Snowballs™ are a smooth, creamy shortbread cookie, peppered with semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. They melt in your mouth almost as quickly as a fresh snowflake on your outstretched tongue. For years they have been savoured exclusively by close family and friends at Christmas. Dirty Snowballs™ are now available for you to take home and enjoy any time.


Quality butter (no added colour), flour, corn starch, sugar, vanilla extract, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips.

Made from scratch in a nut-free facility.

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